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Tuesday June 25, 2024
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HTML5 and Javascript

Example based approach ....


Typo is a browser based spell check program - it was written to be as simple and as flexible as possible. It doesn't depend on any libraries and is quiet robust - importantly it can run independently in the browser (even locally).

* Very easy to add in extra features, to identify synonyms and weak words.
* Can be optimized to load libraries/dictionaries on the fly
* The lookup system can be improved to use a binary search for example (performance)
* Just for fun, there is interactive editor below, so you can type in words - error words are highlighted yellow

Try typing some words here run them through the Typo checker:
Type here

Click on the tab to select the option, edit the scripts in the output underneath (edit and play around with the implementation):

Possible extra features to add:
* Add extra checks for punctuation (e.g., ignore full stops and commas)
* Optimize the code further, so it's capable of parsing very large files
* Improve the test interface (different colors/graphics)


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