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Sunday May 19, 2024
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X File (DirectX Max Exporter) Binary

by bkenwright@xbdev.net


3D Studio max is a fantastic modelling environment I think.... it allows you to create stunning effects and animate full skeleton characters...you could spend hours and weeks lost in the amount of functionality in that package.  It also has the added advantage of allowing you to write plugins for it.


There are various ways of writing plugs, either using the max sdk or MaxScript, I decided to use maxscript (.ms) files, as there text editable, so its easy to just open them up and see how they work...they mostly work across most versions of 3d studio max...as long as you know which functions to use and which are only for the latest versions.


When you see how simple it is to create a directx .x maxscript exporter plug-in you won't believe it... with only a single page of script you can export all the mesh data.




Export .x Header Only <download>
Export .x Static Mesh <download>
Export . Misc Templates <download>

















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