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Thursday March 4, 2021
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More than just code ....


Greetings visitor, welcome to xbdev.net, bringing you all the bytes of information..


Please explore the range of tutorials and research articles through to prototypes and sample code listings on a range of subjects. All sorts of exciting gems from graphical formats through to game engines and machine learning.
If there is a particular area or project you'd be interested in proposing - something that would be an invaluable help to the public - please get in touch.
We are always open to new ideas and projects, anything you can imagine... ranging from reverse engineering to writing simple hello world tutorials in for game consoles.

What's been happening, what's new, what does tomorrow hold?


Code-Misery (Pair Programming)

You'll at one point or another during your career hear about the amazing benefits of pair programming. Work as a team, together, on a single computer to 'double' your performance. But what happens when pair programming goes wrong? What could happen?

Then again, there are those that might say, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".

Time is flying past so fast! - Christmas Is Coming Again (2021!) Again!

A range of new articles on Javascript and Interactive Web-Based solutions are available, not to mention, research articles that explore cutting edge topics.

I'm sure you'll find something to feed your curiosity. As who can't resist opening the hud, and having a look at what's actually happening inside - optimization tricks, software projects, file formats, processors, compilers, assembly, so many juicy topics ....

Season of Gouls and Ghosts - Halloween!

Just because it's that time of year, and we don't want to go straight to Christmas and miss Halloween. Get into the 'spirit' of things. A simple Halloween/Javascript Game with an integrated editor (link).


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