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Sunday May 19, 2024
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3D File Formats

The bits and bytes...


MD3 Format - [Quake 3 Character File Format]
Author bkenwright@xbdev.net

Have you heard of the game quake?... well the quake file format version 3 will be covered here...its very similar to the quake 2 version, but they took it a bit further by splitting the mesh into various parts - so you have a simplified animated boned character.

Well I decided the best way to introduce you to the file format, is to give you it in main parts, first we'll describe how to extract a single static 3D part of the .md2 file, then show you how the animated data is stored. Then to top it all off, how to create classes which can be re-used over and over again... first a simple class which is independent of DirectX and a efficient DirectX3D class as well.

MD3 - Quake 3 Animated Character File Format Tutorials

Look inside...

More bits & bytes

Found you, you sneaky vertices.

Bring in the other files

What is it! Yikes (Tags)

Basic Graphics - Proof that our vertices are right! 

Divide and Conquer   

Animated Character      

Give him a gun.   


MD3 - Demo









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