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Friday September 22, 2023
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With C# and .Net...


Some C# Basics


Well once you get past the basics of what C# is.... you'll soon be throwing some really cool programs together with a relatively few lines of code.  All you have to remember is that C#... like C++ and C is just another programming language.  Of course its got a few more rules....and .net.... with a cup full of OO (Object Orientation) in there...  But you'll soon get past that.



  Using CSC.exe
  Writing to a file
  Wow a window... but its not called a window :-/
  Hello world... can't fight tradition
  Keyboard Input
  Mouse Input
  Timer...the clock is ticking!
  Drawing to the screen!
  Using a back buffer?
  Sound - 'Play it again Sam..'
  Basic Socket - html from google
  Draw Image (jpg,bmp,gif etc)



Sweet C# Programs


I've searched high and low, and thrown in some of my own programs of course, to show you how cool C# really is.  I must admit, C# allows you to do some amazing things with a relatively few number of lines of code.  Beleive me, once you get over that hill....and you start to get a feel for it.... you'll be writing games... apps... all sorts :) 


  Generating A Maze
  Simple Animation
  Pong - One Player
  Mission Command
  Death Valley





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