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Sunday May 28, 2023
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With C# and .Net...


Death Valley Game

(Creating a simple Demo Game - Keep the mouse inside the lines!)


You can create all sorts of different games using basic C# and simple 2D images.  This simple demo uses the mouse cursor and a simple path.  You click the start circle, then it begins, you have to move the mouse cursor along the path without going over the edges.  If this isn't hard enough, a few added flying objects are added so that it makes it more challenging.



The demo game is done in various parts to build up to the final version, as shown in the screenshot on the right.  Its not perfect and can still be improved.  The perfect game is an always ongoing endevour. 





Download Source Code (139kb)




Tutorials take time, but for now I've put the source code for the different stages of development so you can play with them and learn.






To be continued....


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