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Tuesday June 25, 2024
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Computer Graphics

Powerful and Beautiful ...


Graphics Topics

Graphics is a rabbit hole of visual candy - it's also behind some of the most complex programming and mathematical principles on the planet.

Fractals (Mandelbulb)
• Procedural Geometry (Deforming Geometry on Vertex Shader) - Deforming, Manipulating, Adding, Removing and Randomizing Vertices
Lighting - Future Trends
The WGSL Language - New Langauge for a New Internet
Texturing - Theory, Practice and Rules-of-Thumb (Secrets)
• Color Bleeding
• Skin Blanching
• Caustics - rainbows and glasses of juice
• Lens Effects (Real-World) - No such thing as straight lines!
• Color Shadows
• Bokeh Effects (Focus Effects - Beyond Depth of Field - Camera Lens)

Big on Graphics (Computer Graphics Magazine)

  Edition 01
  Edition 02
  Edition 03

Graphical Tools/Libraries

• Blender (Superman of 3D Tools)
• CUDA/OpenCL (Raytracing) - Making Complex Task Look Easy (and Fast)
• WebGL (Shaders) - GLSL (Dirty Tricks)

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