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Sunday December 3, 2023
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Tutorials - Tips - Secrets - for C and C++..

It's power and flexibility can not be underestimated....


I've included some really nice tips and examples which you'll find invaluable! I'm sure you're the same as myself, and am constantly how to do little things, so I put them down in a quick lookup section here ..... things like converting a CString to a char array, or making a round dialogue box (win32/64).

Resources - C/C++ Related

    o    Data Conversions (MFC/Win32/C)

    o    Internet Related (MFC/Win32)

    o     Dialog Box Tricks (MFC/Win32)

    o    Ascii-Chart (ALL)

    o     Optimising Your C (ALL)

C and C++ - The Basics


    o    C and C++ For Starters.

    o    Basic Random Numbers

    o    Optimised String Sub-String Find (Pattern Match Search)

    o    Sine and Cosine Function - Building our own!

    o    C / C++ Color Syntax Generator (C to HTML)

    o    smallnn - 99 lines Neural Network in C++

    o    Neural Network Trained using DE Algorithm (smallnnde)




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