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Friday May 7, 2021
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Tutorials - Tips - Secrets - for C and C++..

It does all the hard work for us..


Well I searched the web and found some really nice tips and examples which you'll find invaluable! You'll constantly be coming back to look at them and check them... things like converting a CString to a char array, or making a round dialog box.

Resources - C/C++ Related

    o    Data Conversions (MFC/Win32/C)

    o    Internet Related (MFC/Win32)

    o     Dialog Box Tricks (MFC/Win32)

    o    Ascii-Chart (ALL)

    o     Optimising Your C (ALL)

C and C++ - The Basics


    o    C and C++ For Starters.

    o    Basic Random Numbers

    o    Optimised String Sub-String Find (Pattern Match Search)

    o    Sine and Cosine Function - Building our own!

    o    C / C++ Color Syntax Generator (C to HTML)

    o    smallnn - 99 lines Neural Network in C++

    o    Neural Network Trained using DE Algorithm (smallnnde)




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