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Wednesday February 21, 2024
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Tutorials - C and C++

by bkenwright@xbdev.net

The main programming languages today are C and C++....of course you get various versions of this, Borland C++ and Visual C++... but it all comes down to the same ANSII C standard or C++ standard....which once you learn, you never forget or have to worry about again :)

Of course its a nasty journey to discovery for some of you, as you'll be sure you come across things like, pointers....or operator overloading....and even virtual functions... what does that mean?

Well thats what these sets of tutorials are aimed at.... the beginner!

As everyone has to start somewhere - I'll give you the facts...and of course....what happens if you do it the wrong way....will it crash your pc?...will it compile?

Now these tutorials are a sort of working progress, so feedback or information on errors is always welcome - and hopefully they will be of some help to some people.

Get a cup of coffee...as where going in...

Brief Tutorial Topics

Tutorial- 1 - C or C++?
Tutorial- 2 - If and Loops...
Tutorial- 3 - Functions - tidy small code
Tutorial- 4 - Statics!
Tutorial- 5 - Assigment Operator/Copy Constructor

Topics to research

• inline variables - different for c/c++ - list 'key' syntax differences
• comment like crazy! (//comment) - what's the best way/rules for comments
• main() or WinMain(..)

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