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Tuesday June 25, 2024
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Java Programming Made Fun (Soon)

by Ben Kenwright

Well you've found the java tutorial section - but its still being written! uggg

Yup, I know I know...but great things come to those who wait :) And I'm doing my best...but I can promise you that you won't be disappointed in the java section.

A cool thing about this section , is that most of it will be applets...well tutorials on java code that is used in applets - so you'll be able to test the demos out in your browser!...so how cool is that :)

To tie you over till I get around to writing all the final parts of the tutorials...from fading effects.. to setting pixels and creating all sorts silly things...water, blur, 3d objects..mini 3d games...etc...

I've put a demo applet below - its using a bsp render technique with some basic mixed in collision detection and lighting....hope you enjoy it...and happy coding

You should really consider getting a Java capable browser... (or maybe just turning "java" on inside your browser...)

How to play:
Its simple, while the mouse cursor is over the applet, hold the left mouse button down
and drag....you'll move around the mini 3d maze....wahoo...so cool eh?


{In Development}

3D Java Applet Engine - From Pixels to Poly's using Java. (by bkenwright@xbdev.net)


These few tutorials take you through the steps in building and understanding 3D....not just any 3D...but 3D in your browser.  I've developed the code so that it runs in most all browsers...well browsers that are compatable with java 1.1 and later, which is nearly all of them.  You'll start with the basic principle of putting simple pixels on the screen...then a few lines...onto triangles....then perspective...and before you know it, you'll have a full set of librarys for a 3D java applet engine!  So cool eh?  And you can at that little bit of an edge to your web browser...create virtual 3D games and demo's which you can just give a url to :)


  Download Source Code View Working Applet ScreenShot
Day '1' plotting that pixel! setpixel ViewApplet
Two points joined together makes a line. simpleline ViewApplet
Almost all 3D is made up of Triangles. solid_triangle ViewApplet
The 3rd Dimension! x, y and 'Z' perspective ViewApplet
You must draw things closer to you first. render_order ViewApplet
A pretty cube cube ViewApplet
Slicing along a plane!  Sharper than a razor :) clipping ViewApplet
Moving around a virtual world camera ViewApplet
UVN Camera - its what they all use. better_camera ViewApplet
Lots and lots of poly's (aka Triangles) read_in_maze ViewApplet
Simple directional lighting - Lights...Camera...Action lighting ViewApplet
A mini maze! And we can't escape - Basic Collision Detection collision ViewApplet
{Adding Further Improvements and Demo's}      
Texturing, Optimisation, Simle AI, Generating Shapes, ...etc soon      
{In Writing}      



Java Applet Image Tricks (by bkenwright@xbdev.net)

Taking an image, or using a simple bit of pixel manipulation.....we can do all sorts of image tricks...from swishing waves...to scrolling graphics.  Thats what we'll be doing here.

  Download Source Code View Working Applet ScreenShot
How fast can you plot a pixel? fillRect or MemoryImageSource fillRect or MemoryImageSource
Pixels from images. imagepixels ViewApplet
Timing - Threads (Soon)
{More Soon}



Simple Applet Demos and Source Code (by bkenwright@xbdev.net)


Here are a few simple java demo's for you to look and see how easy it is to create a wide variety of programs to bring your web page to life with an applet!  All the java applets will run in a browser with a Virtual Java Machine of 1.1 or later.


{In Development}



  Download Source Code View Working Applet ScreenShot
XOR Pattern Demo xor_pixels ViewApplet
Plasma Effect Using Recursion plasma_recursion ViewApplet
Wire Cube wire_cube ViewApplet
Fractals Pattern fractals ViewApplet
Animated Spiral Rotating spiral ViewApplet
Perlin Noise Animated Pattern Demo perlin_noise_pattern ViewApplet
Simple Fire Effect fire ViewApplet
Another Plasma Effect (using sine's) plasma ViewApplet
CandyBar Rotating candybar ViewApplet
Particle Explosion explosion ViewApplet
Bouncing Balls (Simple Physics) bouncingball or manybouncyballs ViewApplet
Mandelbrot Fractal mandelbrot ViewApplet
Sierpinski Triangle Pattern sierpinski ViewApplet
Koch Snowflake Fractal Pattern snowflake ViewApplet
Asteroids Game asteroids ViewApplet


PointInRegion Collision Checking PointInRegion ViewApplet
{More Soon}





Feedback is always welcome, and if you notice any anomalies or bugs please feel free to email me - as it goes to improve the tutorials and demos for others. (bkenwright@xbdev.net)

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