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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Recommended Books.

You can't beat a good book...






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Retro Web-Based Game Programming
Retro Game Programming for the Web provides a beginners guide to getting started developing games and interactive web-based applications. The book focuses on the practical aspects with code samples and projects to get you started. The book has been formatted and designed with sample listings and support material, so whether or not you are currently an expert in web development, actively working with an existing framework, or completely in the dark about this mysterious topic, this book has something for you.
Kinematics and Dynamics
One of the most challenging tasks in simulation systems is the generation and coordination of efficient and accurate kinematics and dynamic solutions. Kinematic and dynamic algorithms are an essential multi-discipline resources in robotics, medical analysis and even video games.
Game Physics: A Practical Introduction
A beginners book for introducing physics for game programmers using a practical perspective.  The book presents uncluttered C++ and C# samples to demonstrate various no-nonsense simulations such as rigid bodies, cloths, ragdolls and fur effects to help the reader gain a more clearer understanding.
Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours
If you need to learn c++ fast, or want to brush up on your c++ skills...this book is it...its easy to read, and you'll use it over and over again when you need to check something.
cover Real-Time Rendering
A definite book to keep on your desk, as whenever you need to check something you'll be find it nearly always has the answers your looking for.  Definitely a book to read if your serious about 3D game programming.
Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus-Advanced 3D Graphics and Rasterization
Now if your serious about getting into 3D and Game Development, then this book is a must.  Its one of the few programming books that will show you really...and I mean really how 3D works!.  The author has a very easy style of writing, so you'll be able to site down with a nice hot chochlate and spent the evening reading about how you would generate your custom triangle rendering algorithms...or lighting models...loads of material in this book....which won't surprise you as its 1600 pages :)
Real-time 3D Character Animation with Visual C++
This is the only book I've come across that covers Inverse/Forward Kinematics for character animation.... its got a good few pages here and there.  It uses OpenGL for its demo's and introduces you to the principles of bone animation.
Game Programming Gems
Not an easy read!  That's all I can say.  But this book is full of extremely useful tips and snippets.  I've had this book for over 3 years now, and it is still one of the books I keep close to me.  Its not a book you can read front to back...well not without a lot of coffee..heheh... but it does have some great sections on various topics.
cover Special Effects Game Programming with DirectX
Its a fantastic book!  Recommended by nearly everyone who's read it.  A must for newbie's and novice programmers.
Game Inverse Kinematics: A Practical Introduction
A practical approach using simplified implementation examples to introduce the reader to inverse kinematic for interactive scenes. The book explains basic principles all the way through to testing and coding, while illustrating and explaining working examples to give the reader a solid grasp of the topic.
cover Game Collision Detection: A Practical Introduction
Collision detection is often overlooked - everything from buttons to convex 3D shapes. Understanding the concepts from the plane-equation to basic primitive sphere-sphere.
Computational Game Dynamics
Essentially the fundamental concepts for game dynamics - basic collisions, impulses, penalty methods, and constraint solvers.




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