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Friday September 30, 2022
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Vulkan is doing all the hard work ...


Vulkan is a low-level graphical API (similar to OpenGL and DirectX) for communicating/rendering high-performance graphics.

These tutorials and samples are intended to complement and extend the `Vulkan Coffee Book' - a `beginners' introduction to programming Vulkan (a taster).

To be clear - the emphasis of the samples is to present stripped down examples (minimal and basic). Once you're up and running, there's a massive number of websites and resources online with additional resources and information to enable you to go above and beyond with Vulkan.

The aims of these `minimal working demos' is:
*. have fun learning Vulkan
*. small self-contained examples
*. teach the underpinnings of the Vulkan API
*. help simplify complicated concepts
*. minimal working builds
*. easy to compile and run
*. help make the topic interesting
*. share ideas and tips

`Not' the aim:
*. develop a framework
*. build an entire game-engine
*. compare and develop cross platform libraries

Vulkan API Programming Samples (C/C++/Visual Studio/Win32)

Vulkan Programming Notes

Simplified Vulkan API High-Level Overview

An illustration of the major components in Vulkan (i.e., components present in most applications).

Other Vulkan Texts, ....












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