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Friday September 30, 2022
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Here a some simple demo's that I've wrote, that are still to be improved upon, modified or turned into tutorials..




Demo's by Ben Kenwright (bkenwright@xbdev.net)



  Lightning Effect (2D Pixels and SDL) Source Code Executable Demo
  Generating Torus (OpenGL and .NET) Source Code Executable Demo
  Rain Water 2D Demo (SDL and .NET) Source Code Executable Demo
  IRC C Bot (Console , Winsock and Visual Studio 7) Source Code Executable Demo
  Shadow Volume (DirectX 9 and Win32) Source Code Executable Demo
  Perlin Texture Algorithm Source Code Executable Demo
  Mandelbrot Fractal Algorithm (DirectX 8.1 & Visual Studio 7.1) Source Code Executable Demo
  Progressive Mesh Algorithm (DirectX 8.1 & Visual Studio 7.1) Source Code Executable Demo
  Dynamic Toroidal Spiral Tubes (OpenGL) Source Code Executable Demo
  Rotation Cubes - Matrices (DirectX 9 & Visual Studio 8) Source Code Executable Demo
  Tank & Terrain Demo (OpenGL & Visual Studio 8) Source Code Executable Demo
  Texture Sphere with Orbit Camera (OpenGL & Visual Studio 8) Source Code Executable Demo
  SWF Decoder Demo (DirectX 8.1 & Visual Studio 8) Source Code Executable Demo
  Visualizing Change with Colour Gradient Approximations Document Pdf
  Shadow Maps: What they are, How they work, and How to implement them Document Pdf
  Character Inverted Pendulum: Bite Size Steps Document Pdf
  Real-Time Physics-Based Fight Characters:
The Fundamental Workings and Principles - Reinventing the Wheel
Document Pdf
From Classical Mechanics to Computer Graphics and Beyond
Document Pdf
Believable Physically-Accurate Character Movements
Document Pdf
  Watch Your Step:
Generating Controllable Character Stepping Animations
Document Pdf
  Real-Time Character Rise Motions Document Pdf
  The Key to Life is Balance Document Pdf
  Real-Time Character Stepping for Computer Games Document Pdf
  Why Physics-Based Character Animations are a Must for Computer Games Document Pdf
  Joint-Torque Control of Character Motions: Active Animations Document Pdf
  Dynamic Crowds Document Pdf
  Minkowski Collision Detection Document Pdf
  Soft Body Shells Document Pdf
  Vehicle Deformation Document Pdf
  Convex Hulls 3D Document Pdf
  Approximate Inter-Fur Shadowing Effect Using Shells Document Pdf
  A Practical Guide to Generating Real-Time Dynamic Fur and Hair using Shells Abstract Document Pdf
  Self Driven Soft Body Creatures Abstract Document Pdf
  Verlet Rigid Bodies Abstract Document Pdf
  Voxel Deformations Abstract Document Pdf
  Fourier Animation Abstract Document Pdf
  (Draft) Vulkan Introduction in 20 Minutes (Coffee Break Series) [CODE] [CEX1] [CEX2] [CEX3] [EX1] [EX2] [C1] [C2] [C3] Book PDF
  MetaBalls and Marching Cubes Abstract Document Pdf
  Smoke and Gases (Fluids) Abstract Document Pdf
  Manipulating Joint_Signals Abstract Document Pdf
  Motion Patterns Abstract Document Pdf
  Inverse Kinematic Solutions for Articulated Characters using Massively Parallel Architectures and Differential Evolutionary Algorithms Abstract Document Pdf
  Slug Optimization Algorithm Abstract Document Pdf
  Julia Fractal Dual-Quaternions Abstract Document Pdf
  Game Based Learning: Good, the Bad and the Ugly Abstract Document Pdf
  Dual Quaternions Curves and Surfaces Abstract Document Pdf
  Future of XR Abstract Document Pdf
  Player-AI Interaction Research for Video Games Abstract Document Pdf
  Managing Stress in Education Abstract Document Pdf
  Is XR for Real? Abstract Document Pdf
  Metal API: Getting Started Abstract Document Pdf
  Robot Soldiers Abstract Document Pdf
  Animation LSTM Part 1 Abstract Document Pdf
  Animation LSTM Part 2 Abstract Document Pdf
  WebGPU Lecture 01 Abstract Document Pdf
  How to write a paper Abstract Document Pdf







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