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Tuesday June 25, 2024
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XBOX Programming

More than just a hobby...


XBOX Programming From The Bottom


This section of xbox-programming is for those who want to develop software for the xbox from the beginning, from the bits and bytes that make up our wonderful software.

A lot of the stuff covered here may be advanced and difficult to follow at times, but the software is yours... remember the xbox development kit (aka xdk) is the property of MicroSoft and so your sort of limited by what they can offer or give.

What we are going to do is develop librarys that are totally independent - accessing the graphics card directly using memory mapped input output etc.

Feedback is really needed with this section ... as if you discover anything.. faults.. new tricks etc... please email me.. I'm always glad to hear - Ben_3D@xbdev.net


OpenXDK - Compiling


Useful Development Tutorials


    Patched XBE - How to create a patcher program for an xbe

    XPAD   -   Understanding the XBOX Gamepads workings


Who needs a Compiler!  NASM


Well this is one tutorial I've been meaning to write, but just have been to busy to... its a real sweet tutorial I think, on how the xbe (xbox executable file format) works, and how to create programs without a compiler.




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