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Sunday March 26, 2023
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Java Applet Asteroids

(Creating a simple Demo Game - Have you got what it takes!!)


You can create all sorts of different games using basic Java and simple 2D images.  This simple demo uses the cursor keys and space bar to show you a classic game.  You 'S' to begin, then it begins, you have to move about and stay alive, destroying the asteroids to get points etc.  If this isn't hard enough, a few added flying ufos etc will pop up from time to time, making it more challengine.



The demo game is done in java and is a simple game.  Its made up of various functions for setup, intializatoin, updating and even has a little thread in it.  Some parts of the code are tricky to follow, especially the custom isCollision code that I wrote for it, so the code is more plateform independent


Its not perfect and can still be improved.  The perfect game is an always ongoing endevour. 




You should really consider getting a Java capable browser... (or maybe just turning "java" on inside your browser...)


Download Source Code (43kb)





To be continued....


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