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Wednesday February 21, 2024
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With C# and .Net...


Mission Command

(Creating a simple Demo Game)


Well this is a popular game...well a game from the 80's anyhow....it can even be seen in Terminator 2 if your sharp eye'd enough - have you seen the scene where there in the arcade, and the new improved Terminator is asking questions ....well if you look around you might just see this game on one of the arcade machines ;)


But less about history...and more about facts..  Its a simple game...but you still need to break it up into parts I think to understand how it works - you could probably see the game and create it from scratch using your own creativity - or read this tutorial to give you some ideas....but it won't be long before your blowing up asteroids which are falling to earth. :)







The program source code is quite easy to follow I think - and the best way to understand it, would probably be to comment out code and play around with different values.  The code demonstrates simple gaming principles...and of course C# how-to's.


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