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Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Making our graphics card work for us..


Effect (.fx) Files

by bkenwright@xbdev.net



Basics of Effect File Programming


Under Development (2005)




Effect Demos with Source

  Demo: Basic Fur Effect Fx (ps1.1 vs1.1)    
  Tiling Mosaic tiling.fx (ps2.0, vs1.1)       
  Waving Grass FX (ps1.1, vs1.1)    
  Torus Fur (ps1.1 vs1.1)    
  Simple Lighting (Cubes) Fx (ps1.3 vs1.1)         
  Linear Interpolation (lerp)(ps1.3 vs1.1)             
                           Normal Mapping (ps2.0 vs1.1)    
     Toon Shading (Cell-Shading) (ps1.1 vs1.4)    
   Slicing an Object (Plane Equation) (ps2.0 vs1.4)    
  Simple Hologram Effect (ps1.4 vs1.1)    
  Ground Plane Shadow (ps1.4 vs1.1)    
•....more soon

















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