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Wednesday February 21, 2024
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3D File Formats

The bits and bytes...



These few tutorials are meant for educational purposes only.  For people who want to know how things work, and to learn - we in no way exept any responsibility.  Again these are for educational purposes - the freedom of knowledge.



Rendering 3D Objects/Files with DirectX.


3D Model Formats.  (DirectX using Win32).  (comming soon)



3D File Formats - From A to Z


Quake 2 Format (.md2) - 3D File Format.


Quake 3 Format (.md3).


3D Studio Max (.3DS) Format - So much its scary..
        3DS Part 1 - "the bits inside"
        3DS Part 2 - "re-usable body part".


X File Format (.x) - DirectX!


3D Milkshape (Plugin Exporter)


MS3D MilkShape Format (.ms3d)


BVH 3D Format (.bvh)








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