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Wednesday February 21, 2024
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3D File Formats

The bits and bytes...


MS3D MilkShape Format
Author bkenwright@xbdev.net

3D MilkShape incase you've not heard, is a 3d modelling package, that allows your to import and export tons of various file formats, including, the quake formats, 3d max 3ds formats, and lots more.  It also has its own format (.ms3d), which is very flexible and quiet easy to use.  It was the package that I actually use to do my first models in because its just so easy to use I found....definetly worth a looksy if you have time :)

What where going to do here, is sit down and look at its file format!...see what information is in there and then extract it...you'll find as we get more and more information from the file, we can do more and more things with the data, from simple shapes to full animations ;)

MS3D basics

Look inside...

Structuring it all together..with sticky tape!

Grabbing all the information

Lets Draw Something!

More complex models (soon)....



 MS3D Loader Demo









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