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Tuesday June 25, 2024
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Where else are you going to keep your 3D data?...


3DS Rendering/Animation Class - putting it all together

by bkenwright@xbdev.net





<code v24>


You can download and view the source code, or download the compiled exe and test it out for yourself.  Again the 3ds demo file is something I just threw together in 3d studio max to show the effect of the animation and rendering code in action.


Well on the right you can see a screen shot of one of the demo animated 3ds files that you can load using the code.  The code is based upon the previous tutorials.


The code has been tested and in a first release - again feedback on any found bugs problems would be grateful.






The code is made up of 2 files 3ds.cpp/.h and 3dsrender.h/.cpp...which are responsible for the reading in of the 3ds file information and rendering it.  The main.cpp file is responsible for the windows initialisation and DirectX initialisation. 


3ds.cpp/.h is more or less platform independent and doesn't make use of any of the DirectX libraries - its simple purpose in life is to read in the 3ds file data.


3dsrender.cpp/.h is our rendering code, which takes our 3ds data that we've loaded in using the 3ds.cpp/.h code and renders it.  Again its a bit over complicated because I check each face for different textures - as I'm not sure if you can notice from the screen shot - but the torsoid in the bottom right has a texture wrapped to the top half, and a colour to the bottom half.








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