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Wednesday February 21, 2024
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Just how short is life?

Depending how you look at life, it doesn't look like you have as much time as you think ....


A fun calendar that shows you the bigger perspective, not just a month by month or year by year view, but your whole life!

The implementation on this page was designed to fit on an A4 sheet of paper (297 x 210 mm) - supported printing (you can hit the print button and it would fit on a single page).

Select the print button, and the print preview should show the calendar fits perfectly.

I added a faded background as well of a tree (both at the peak of its life and it dead). I may modify the implementation so you can select various paper sizes and the poster will adapt to the exact page size. Maybe even extra customization features, such as, swapping the background, colors, enable people to mark individual days of importance.... When a child was born, when you passed your driving test, when you got your first house?... lots of great possibilities!..

Just to note, the average life-span on Wikipedia is around 80 for the world average (Link), however 90 seems like a better number for a calendar (lets you think you've got more time).

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