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Friday February 23, 2024
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Empty Code


This code isn't going to be much to look at..hehe..in fact its what you would call a minimal requirement :)  But once you get here, you could in fact write all custom routines etc to access the xbox memory and things.  As you will be able to generate a working xbe!  Yup folks, an xbe is an xbox executable, and using our OpenXDK and our code...we'll be making xbox code run on our xbox.


Download Code (main.cpp)


// Program Entry Point

void XBoxStartup()


    // Our code goes here


}// End





// Or

#include <openxdk.h>


void XBoxStartup()




}// End




// You could use 'XBoxCRTStartup' as your entry point instead of XBoxStartup

// but you need the <openxdk.h> header file for this, as its just a function

// in the openxdk librarys...which once it starts calls the function XBoxStarup


Now its upto you, but when my xbox returns from the code, it just resets.  I found that when I called 'HalReturnToFirmware(..)' my xbox made me go....hemmagbuukkjeekkk!!.... as it jumped to the xbox warning screen - which was a load of strange characters warning that the xbox needs servicing....heheh... But I just drank some coffee and switched my xbox off and on....and I was ready to go again.


A small note here - developers who use the debug bios will not be able to run some of the openxdk samples...as the graphics o/p is only compatible with retail xbox's.







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