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Sunday March 26, 2023
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Graphic Modes - 640x480..240x100?..


Depending on your output you might want lower resolution output...but most likely, you'll want 640x480 32bit colour!  Yup...our games deserve it :)


Download Project Code - 640x480x32


// Basic 640x480x32 output


#include <openxdk.h>

void XBoxStartup()


      //let's init the screen

      vga_init_mode(MODE_640x480x32);         // Some possible modes all defined in

                                              // xvga.h

                                              // MODE_320x240x32

                                              // MODE_640x240x32

                                              // MODE_640x480x32 etc...plus many more





            // A list of all these functions can be found at the top of xvga.h

            vga_vsync();                                    // Wait for Vertical Blank

        vga_flip();                                         // Flip

            vga_clear();                                    // Clear screen


            ScreenInfo s = vga_get_screen_info();


            unsigned int* pix = (unsigned int*)s.ScreenAddress;

            // VGA Text Pattern

            for(uint32 y=0;y<480;y++)

                  for(uint32 x=0;x<640;x++)

                        pix[640*y+x] = x;


      }// End while loop




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