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Tuesday June 25, 2024
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Office Word Syntax Code Highlighter

by Ben Kenwright


This plug-in for Microsoft's Office Word is so text can be selected and colour coded for C/C++.  This is currently a first version developed for Word 2007.  The code is highlighted using C/C++ formatting rules (however, it can still be of benefit to C# and Java due to their similarity).  Screenshots of the word plug-in are shown below.


The highlighted text that is colour coded to correspond to C/C++ coding rules is also assigned a style in word - so font, size etc. can be updated throughout the document without complications.


The package is in alpha - but bugs and future features that will make the add-in indispensable are welcome.  Currently being developed in C# in Visual Studio 2010.  While the current build has be created for Office 2007 Word - it should work with later revision.

InstallerOffice2007_build_1.0.1.zip (6,393,979 bytes)

Packaged C/C++ Word Source Code Syntax Highlighter

To make the add-in user friendly it has been assigned its own ribbon in Word called 'CodeFormat' - as shown below in the screenshots.  Options to have the selected code embedded in a table and optionally numbers down one side can be selected with the check boxes.



Feedback and update requests are welcome:


Current future developments:

o Insert a Table style when tables are requested


Latest Updates

o Option to 'Tabify' or 'Spacify'

o Space-Shift Code Left or Right




Keywords: Color Coder, Syntax Highlighter, Word Add-In, Colorize, C/C++ Color


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