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Tuesday April 16, 2024
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More than just a toy...


Ascii Art (Windows)



Drawing images using text!  An uncomplicated ascii art drawing program.  You draw the image in the program using the mouse then save out the ascii text file.  You can open it in notepad or another text editing program to see your drawing or send it to someone.  The program is basic!  Very basic.  You could go a long way to make it trace, place background images at the back instead of clearing it to zero, and so on.



Download Source Code


Get you started on the road to ascii art! 


With a bit of work you can create a more elaborate and functional program.  For example, a select a bitmap and have the ascii art program trace or approximate certain characters for certain colours, or instead of clearing the background to white, enable the user to put an image in the background so they can trace it.  Or basic draw circle, draw line, and so on - but with ascii!!


The code uses simple screen dc's, and only refreshes the small area that it moves around on, so it doesn't give your cpu much of a performance hit, allowing it to run in the background.






Download Source Code

Download win32 Binary


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